novel+ quality foods+ drinks

We are smart and hardworking people, and we wish to make our business grow....and yours also !

Every day, our smart team explores the world for the most brilliant new companies and the strongest new products and trends in FM food and beverages. We are very good at this and, and our innovative and dynamic brands portfolio proves it .

Every day, our young and passionate sales team scramble into the market to find new customers, and to smartly restock the existing ones with only the best selling products lines. We are very good at this, and our record braking market share proves it.

Leading the way by innovation. 

Our vision is to be the a leader in packaged quality, nutritional, and functional food and drinks. Through innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity, we will create a positive impact on people's lives. Together, let's embark on this exciting journey of growth and well-being!.

Anastasios Lazarou,  Interim CEO


an innovative system

the taste buds experts
Sensory evaluation for new products-samples.

For each product will use the respective consumer group for sensory evaluation. They will taste it, smell it, bite it, dunk, spread it, drink it. We use athletes for protein bars tasting, we use coffee enthusiasts for coffee tasting, ..and we certainly use children for cookies tasting..They are the cookie experts after all!

The battle field test
We call it, market dynamics assessment.

Even if a product is carefully studied and designed, even if it is delicious, the market will decide whether to accept it or not. Our first order to your company has precisely this purpose, to test the product in conditions of real market competition. We place your products on the shelf we support it, and measure its performance.

Happy Young Woman Training on Exercise Bike in Gym
We’re doing a really good job in selling..
Coffee and croissants.

We offer top of the line coffee and croissants, it's a sensation nobody can resist. Our customers love them and keep restock them again and again.

biscuits for coffeeshops
Delicious cookies .

Biscuits are a great treat for coffee drinkers. They are power buys for coffee shops and cafeterias. We are proud to offer in bulk these quality products.

bars and vitamin water
Food + Drinks for athletes.

All kind of energy or protein bars and vitamin drinks are in our portfolio. All of them are selling like crazy and  our customers love them.

..and create new market channels..

We are developing two new market channels, bus and train stations coffee shops, and gas stations convenience stores.